Jo Zarth, born in 1971 in Berlin, is a freelance designer and photographer who works with clients both large and small, from local heroes to global players.

The live visualization of ideas and concepts is at the centre of his work since 2005. Clients attest to him quick mind and the ability to expand the kernel of an idea into an entire visual concept. Scribbles are used in both a first ideation and - after having been worked out in detail - for market research purposes.

Since 2008, Jo‘s artistic pursuits have focused on everyday Chinese culture. The project SMALL BUSINESS RECONSTRUCTED was shown as solo exhibition in Leipzig, Essen and Berlin. Together with Thomas Wrobel he researched the topic of “the street as a kitchen” together in Sichuan and in 2010, they built an entire street of Chinese cookshops as a poetic-atmospheric installation for the time of Leipzig’s design festival and 2011 at the Milan Design week.