In his studio, Jo develops product ideas, cooperative design projects and packaging solutions for consumer products and cosmetics. He has considerable experience with, not to mention a soft spot for, niche brands. One of Jo’s oldest clients is MÜHLE Shaving. Since 1998, when Jo began working with it, MÜHLE has grown from a small, family-run business into an international market leader. Jo Zarth has designed striking packaging for the scents and perfumes of Berlin’s Erik Kormann. These unique designs work to complement Kormann’s distinctive scents such as Eau de Fröhliche and Steampunk.



Packaging für CD, Buckminster Fuller, TorontoPackaging für CD, Buckminster Fuller, Toronto

Jo also designed the artwork and packaging for Toronto band Buckminster Fuller’s 2015 cd “Was’nt That Fun!” Inspired by Honest Ed’s, that city’s now sadly closed bargain warehouse, and the design limitations imposed by Microsoft Word 2011, the playful yet refined design is a fine showcase for Jo’s sensibilities. (And don’t worry, the misplaced apostrophe in the title is intentional and a quote from an original Ed’s poster!)



Art work, poster and photography for John Paul Kleiner's Album InterCity